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Why us?

  • We are a very dynamic company, based on excellence, experience, creativity and loyalty to our customers.
  • We are young – in step with technologies, we work online, through viber applications, whatsapp, e-mail, we receive and provide information in a reasonable time.
  • The training and experience in accounting, as well as the strategic partnerships we have with specialists in the country, allow us to offer our clients complete, integrated and efficient services.
  • Quality and professionalism, attention and constant concern for the needs of our customers, we offer them exactly what they need in the successful conduct of business.

Our opportunities:

• No salary costs and taxes required for an employed accountant;
• Elimination of the costs necessary to travel to the authorities;
• No expenses for space, furniture, computer technology, office supplies;
• No expenses for basic accounting programs;

• The responsibility of the accounting records belongs entirely to the accounting firm;
• The accounting firm is obliged to have a professional insurance that in case of need will compensate the damages by paying penalties and fines;
• The archiving and storage of documents in appropriate conditions is ensured;

You will have confidence in the professional capacity of the accounting firm and you will free yourself from the daily supervision of an employed accountant;
• You will focus on the profitable business and to grow the business.

• The employed accountant can go on medical leave, rest, our entity has continuous activity;
• Accounting work is supervised and failures are eliminated;
• The risks of untimely statements are eliminated;
• The related technique is provided: printer, computer; Internet connection;
• Thanks to experience we can recommend the most appropriate accounting programs for your business.

Working steps:

  1. We initially offer a consultation on the desired accounting services;
  2. We conclude a service contract;
  3. Together we establish the way of collaboration;
  4. We guarantee the desired result guaranteed!
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